Abel Noser


210 Exchange Invest Weekly Podcast September 9th, 2023

Deals Done! TT Buys Abel Noser In A Super Speedy Completion Tradeweb Complete Their Purchase Of Australian Platform Yieldbroker ICE Closed The Purchase Of Black Knight Within Hours Of The FTC Confirming They Were Permitting The Deal At Last.
12 min read

Exchange Invest 2750: Deals Done

Welcome to September 1… August ends with a couple of concluded deals - TT buys Abel Noser in a super speedy completion (the deal was only announced (August 23rd: EI 2743)) while Tradeweb complete their purchase of Australian platform Yieldbroker.
9 min read

208 Exchange Invest Weekly Podcast August 26th, 2023

Hong Kong Exchanges Profit Surge, Hong Kong Still Loves LME, A Naughty Parish Clone was on the loose, EEX Hits Antitrust, …and CBOE have Canadian Options On Their Mind
12 min read