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Victory or Death?: Blockchain, Cryptocurrency & the FinTech World

"Victory or Death?" is the latest book by the author of the first bestselling 'fintech" book "Capital Market Revolution!"

Patrick L Young examines key trends of the moment and places in context the importance of Bitcoin, Blockchain and Cryptocurrency while outlining the future outlook for legacy financial companies such as banks and exchanges.

With a Foreword by the Founder, Chairman, CEO of ICE, the New York Stock Exchange Chairman, Jeffrey Sprecher, "Victory or Death?" is essential reading for those who want to profit from 'day one' in fintech!

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Capital Market Revolution: The Future of Markets in an Online World

This book is a blueprint for coping the revolution, it gives a new vision of finacial markets outlined clearly and succinctly in print for the first time.

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The Exchange Invest 1000: The World's Most Influential People In Market Structure (EI1000) (VOL1)

The Exchange Invest 1000 is an index of the most influential people in the world's market structure (exchanges, clearing houses et al).

The Index uses a series of proprietary algorithms, devised by Index Compiler and Editor, Patrick L Young, a former exchange CEO and longstanding expert in the market structure field.

The EI1000 Index was created as a result of the popularity of the Exchange Invest Newsletter, created and curated by Patrick L Young which has become the world's daily benchmark newsletter of market structures.

This is the First Volume of the Index which will become an annual publication and contains the full list of the 1000 leading figures in the world's market structure in numerical order. There are also sections for people who have suffered Relegation from the index or those who have Resigned or Retired from the industry. A separate sectoin outlines those industry members who have passed away in recent times.

The book includes some 30 sub lists ranging from the top 10 by different geographies, through leading women, and other topics such as "Dealmakers" "Visionaries" and those involved in "Blockchain" and "FinTech" etc.

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The Gathering Storm

Amidst concerns about the world economy, the transparency and understanding of finance coupled with a desire to try to help the world at a time of economic difficulty the concept of "The Gathering Storm" was created by Lee Robinson, a leading equity and credit hedge fund manager. 

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DLT Malta: Thoughts From The Blockchain Island

Blockchain technology and many Distributed Ledger Technology applications amongst them Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have become a huge growth area in IT across all sectors in recent years. However many DLT applications have struggled to find a coherent regulatory framework to exist within.

In the space of several years, the small independent archipelago nation of Malta has vaulted into the digital conscious as the Blockchain Island, thanks to a public/private vision led by the Prime Minister.

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The New Capital Market Revolution: The Winners, the Losers and the Future of Finance

The capital markets can be defined as any organized market – or indeed private exchanges – where capital funds (debt and equity/shares) are traded in order to raise capital – cash – for the issuer or holder of the shares or debt. This also includes the multi trillion dollar commodity business and bond and stock trading. Essentially, any market where various counterparties are brought together to conduct business.

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The Exchange Manifesto

The Exchange Manifesto outlines in approachable language, just how important exchanges are in the process of creating sustainable development in global markets of all forms and for all manner of people from some of the very poorest to the very richest in society. Best-selling financial Author Patrick L Young (writer of the "Capital Market Revolution" books etc.) approaches the subject of exchanges in a readable format with the aim of providing better understanding for politicians and potential users, the media, regulators and all other interested parties.

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An Intangible Commodity

An Intangible Commodity: Defining the Future of Derivatives.

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Single Stock Futures: A Trader's Guide (Wiley Trading Book 489)

Single Stock Futures are regarded by many as the ultimate derivative. Having finally made their US trading debut in November 2002, the market is set for explosive global growth during 2003 and 2004. Written by experienced traders, this is the first practical guide to this exciting new product as increasingly traded throughout the world.

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