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The Capitalist Manifesto with Johan Norberg

In IPO-VID podcast episode #125 Patrick L Young was joined by an award winning Swedish author, documentary filmmaker, and an advocate of free markets, Johan Norberg.

The multi-award winning Johan Norberg is an author and documentary filmmaker, born in Sweden. He received his M. A. in the History of Ideas from the University of Stockholm and is a Senior Fellow at the Cato Institute in Washington D.C. Norberg has written books on a broad range of topics, including global economics and popular science. He has achieved a worldwide readership with books like Progress, Open and most recently The Capitalist Manifesto translated into more than 30 languages. Norberg also regularly hosts documentaries on development and economics for American public television, including India Awakes, The Real Adam Smith and Sweden: Lessons for America?


Don't miss this riveting discussion that unpacks the dynamics of globalization, entrepreneurship, and individual liberty.