Rainer Zitelmann


The Wealth Elite with Rainer Zitelmann

Rainer Zitelmann is a German historian, sociologist and multiple bestselling author, whose 26 books include “In Defence of Capitalism.”
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205 Exchange Invest Weekly Podcast August 5th, 2023

ASX Under Pressure To Further Manage Its Conflict Of Interests, Nigeria Says Absolutely No To Binance, MCX Maintains Profitability Despite Re-enriching Jignesh Shah’s 63 Moons, TCS Failed To Deliver The Replacement System - So Far, Our big story of the week: The Failed Promise.
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In Defence of Capitalism with Rainer Zitelmann

Historian and sociologist Rainer Zitelmann is a serial bestselling author, whose 26 books including “In Defence of Capitalism” have been translated into 30 languages around the world.
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In Defense of Capitalism by Rainer Zitelmann

"In Defense of Capitalism.” Rainer Zitelmann examines the ten most common objections to capitalism: capitalism leads to hunger and poverty, to rising inequality, to unnecessary consumption, to environmental destruction, to climate change and wars.
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