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"PLY" Meets Patrick Young!

Patrick is Director for the New Orleans Mayor’s Office of Gun Violence Prevention. The OGVP is the backbone of the city’s efforts to work with New Orleanians to create peace and prevent gun violence.

Prior to working with the Mayor, he served the New Orleans Business Alliance as Director of Training, managing the STRIVE work readiness training program. Operating across four opportunity centers in the city of New Orleans, Patrick helped employ over 890 formerly incarcerated persons in less than 3 years.

As Founder and Executive Director of “SharpMen” Patrick helped men overcome barriers to employment and was selected as a WK Kellogg Foundation Fellow for his proven leadership and dedication to improving the city of New Orleans.

And now Patrick is the author of his first book, “A WAY UP, Economic Development Post Incarceration” - a strategy toolkit for individuals with barriers in financial literacy and access to resources because of a conviction.