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Markets - The Winds Of Change with Dr. Bharat Kulkarni

Join us on episode 139 of IPO-Vid where we chat with Dr. Bharat Kulkarni, a renowned expert in agricultural commodities! Dive deep into the evolving landscape of the market and gain valuable insights you won't want to miss!

Dr. Bharat Kulkarni, has worked on the establishment of four commodity exchanges in Africa and advised on Warehouse receipt systems He has also consulted across Agricultural project investment and the Agricultural Value chain in Africa and Asia, with clients ranging from Private investors to Governments.

Dr Kulkarni is a former commodity trader who has worked for MCX India, IFPRI and The United Nations. During his stint with UN, he worked on redeveloping the value chain of Coffee and Sesame in Ethiopia.

Be sure to listen to the discussion with an acclaimed expert in securities exchange investment discussing "Exchanging Investments.