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Going Global, The Birth Of The CFTC with Andrea Corcoran

Patrick Young was joined by our former IPO-VID guest former U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission Director of International Affairs, Andrea Corcoran.

Andrea Corcoran, Principal of Align International, and former Director of two divisions at the CFTC, advises the C-suite of firms and regulatory authorities located on five continents on various regulatory and policy puzzles.

Her consulting services include confidential evaluation of organizational structures and processes, development of regulatory and compliance strategies, training, adaptation to international standards, and much more after 15 years as a consultant. Previously she was the initially Trading and Markets, the CFTC’s then-principal regulatory arm, and, subsequently, the newly created, Office of International Affairs.


A must-listen, Andrea shares invaluable insights into the intricate realms of finance and regulation, making this episode an enriching experience for all.