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Dominic Frisby: On Life, Liberty & Sound Money

Dominic Frisby (“mercurially witty” – the Spectator) is the world’s only financial writer and comedian. MoneyWeek’s main commentator on gold, commodities, currencies, and cryptocurrencies.

Dominic’s books are Bitcoin: the Future of Money? Life After The State and Daylight Robbery – the past, present, and future of tax based on his hit Edinburgh Festival Show “Let's Talk About Tax.” He also co-wrote the documentary Four Horsemen and his show Dominic Frisby's Financial Gameshow won rave reviews.


Finance Book Of The Week:

Daylight Robbery: How Tax Shaped Our Past and Will Change Our Future by Dominic Frisby
In Daylight Robbery, Dominic Frisby offers an alternative vision of a system that is as old as civilisation itself.