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Building Brexit Britain: The Legal Opportunity with Barney Reynolds

Head of Financial Institutions at Shearman & Sterling, Barnabas (Barney) Reynolds is a leading City-based financial services lawyer whose Enhanced Equivalence model for post-Brexit trade has been adopted by the UK Government.

A member of the Star Chamber which advised MPs on Brexit, his post-Brexit solutions to a no deal scenario, published in 'The Art of the No Deal' (Politeia, 2017), have been adopted by several financial institutions. He also co-authored “Managing Euro Risk” (Politeia, 2020) explaining how the Eurozone’s legal structure creates systemic financial risk. Mr Reynolds led a team drafting an entire civil and commercial regime for Abu Dhabi’s new financial centre, ADGM, which is the first non-Commonwealth application of the English common law.

Barney’s latest publication outlines the legal pathway towards a better UK market post Brexit: UK Must Renounce Damaging Legacy of EU Law