andreas Schweitzer


Exchange Invest Weekend 2938: On CEOs & More

CBDC, Shipping, a nonagenarian fashion mogul, CEO issues & vital traits, the $ store backlash & new forms of diamonds…
6 min read

213 Exchange Invest Weekly Podcast September 30th, 2023

This week in the parish of bourses and market structure: Crypto Goes E2E if Not ESueE, As JPEX Implodes Amidst A Growing Hong Kong Clampdown, And Is There A Fat Lady Aria For London? As the UK Blob Launches Blamestormers Anonymous,
13 min read

Trade Finance As An Asset Class with Andreas Schweitzer

Andreas Schweitzer is the Managing Director of London based Arjan Capital Ltd, a UK FCA regulated trade and corporate advisory firm with a focus on factoring, supply chain financing and payment mechanisms in complex jurisdictions.
1 min read

Exchange Invest Weekend Edition 2769: Life, Death, Debt, Taxes & Taylor in Prison

Colombian drugs stacking up in Europe. Entrepreneur redemption risks in China. When humanity almost died & listening to Taylor in jail.
7 min read