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2024 Looking Ahead! with Susan Gidel & Yra Harris

In the IPO-VID podcast episode #128, Patrick L Young was joined by two of our extraordinary IPO-VID guests, joining us are a seasoned commodities business veteran.

In markets, it’s been a choppy volatile ride for several years. As a cold front has fallen across the US, will markets also suffer a freeze this year? Join us as we examine likely market developments from two fascinating angles, a longstanding macro trader and a markets expert who uses astrology for her analyses.

With 35 years experience in the commodities business, Susan Abbott Gidel nowadays specializes in financial astrological market research and publishes the “Red Letter Trading Days” newsletter. The author of “Trading In Sync With Commodities—Introducing Astrology To Your Technical Toolbox” amongst other books, Susan was previously our IPO-VID guest on Episode #115: Astrology, the Markets, and You

Fellow IPO-VID alumnus Episode #112: Yra Harris: Patience Is A Virtue. Yra Harris has over 46 years of experience in all areas of commodity trading, with broad expertise in cash currency markets, Yra is an active macro-global trend trader. He is a regular guest analyst on Currency & Global Interest Markets on Bloomberg & CNBC.

Financial astrologer & author, Susan Gidel, along with an expert in commodity trading, active macro-global trend trader, and former CME Board Member, Yra Harris.

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