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2023 Highlights - Part 2 with Patrick L Young

In the IPO-VID podcast episode #130, join Patrick L Young and delve into the second part of the IPO-VID 2023 highlights, spotlighting the capital market revolution. Tune in for a nostalgic journey down memory lane with dynamic guests who added depth to the spectrum of IPO-VID in 2023.

Join us for our annual review of the year with content from:

Christopher Sturgess, Eamonn Butler, Yra Harris, Scott Shellady, Hamish McRae, Susan Gidel, Rainer Zitelmann, Mark Wheatley, Andreas Schweitzer , Andrea Corcoran, Rod Blondin, John Ensley, Ann Berg, Richard Sandor, Lucas Schmeddes, Johan Norberg, Stephen Donofrio and Steve Zwick

Discussing their thoughts on where the “Capital Market Revolution!” goes next, beginning the 25th anniversary year of the original book’s publication!