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2023 Highlights - Part 1 with Patrick L Young

In the IPO-VID podcast episode #127, Patrick L Young delves into the first part of the IPO-VID 2023 highlights, spotlighting the capital market revolution. Take a nostalgic journey down memory lane with the dynamic guests of IPO-VID who added vibrant hues to the entire spectrum of 2023.

Simon O'Brien, Les Male, Bruce Goldberg, Alina Aldambergen, Craig Pirrong, Monica Singer, Tim Worstall, Jeffrey Kutler, Albert Menkveld, Jennifer Ilkiw, Collin Formosa, James Block, Bob Pisani, Jim Oliff, Alex Lamb, Rainer Zitelmann, Philip Roscoe, Jeff Carter, Paul Constantinou, Pat Kenny, Gedon Hertshton

Discussing their thoughts on where the “Capital Market Revolution!” goes next, beginning the 25th anniversary year of the original book’s publication!


Tune in for a nostalgic journey through the unforgettable moments of IPO-VID 2023.