The International Stock Exchange


134 Exchange Invest Weekly Podcast March 5th, 2022

Today the National Stock Exchange of India commands a breathtaking market share of 93% in cash equities, 100% of cash equity futures, 94% of equity options and well by comparison only 73% still a crushing monopoly of currency derivatives apart from NSE investors
14 min read

127 Exchange Invest Weekly Podcast January 14th, 2022

Kazakhstan had a bit of a kerfuffle this week, revolutionaries in the streets, all seem to be somewhat on hold by the middle of the week. However, nevertheless, that didn't stop there being a several-day hiatus in the exchange business.
9 min read

103 Exchange Invest Weekly Podcast July 17th, 2021

The Gensler era SEC seem to have found a fascinating line for their SPAC attack using a conflict of interest approach. Are the cuts to Binance - only a flesh wound? And Matt Chamberlain notes “Je ne Ring-grette Rein” In a week when the LSEG sets a technology and FinTech listing record.
11 min read

102 Exchange Invest Weekly Podcast July 10th, 2021

As Wise comes to market in London, the RobinHood bandwagon is rolling along. How much is the meme-meister of Payment for Order Flow (PFOF) worth?
9 min read

088 Exchange Invest Weekly Podcast April 3rd, 2021

A new era with a nascent futures benchmark ICE Futures Abu Dhabi brings Murban futures to the Middle East's newest derivatives exchange.
11 min read