Silvergate Bank


Exchange Invest 2609: Gazza Preps The Battlefield

HSBC bought SVB UK for the typical nominal pound. In the US… nada. Well, there was the usual round of lawsuits - God bless America - of course… and the GOP blamed the Dems who blamed Trump as I mentioned yesterday.
8 min read

Exchange Invest 2608: S-Bank Hell

Moscow profits jump as the market battles to escape the ravages of Putin’s Ukrainian invasion while over in crypto, it’s another day of Bitcarnage leading to a stressful weekend for many.
11 min read

Exchange Invest 2606: FTC Still Says No

…Then again it’s spot on when asked of Chairman Behnam who has been discredited by his frat boy cheerleading for SBF / FTX while ‘regulating’ FTX.US all the way to a $116 million client shortfall under his watch.
10 min read

Exchange Invest 2602: $8.9 bln FTX Shortfall

So after the property exposés, the billion dollar loans, the PJs on demand, the Nassau executive car fleet, at least one incredible Daiquiri bill and of course a serious operation aimed at buying the US government…
14 min read