Securities Exchange Commission


COIN Tries Again

It’s another round of appeals for COIN as the winners in the crypto economy remain the lawyers: Coinbase Asks To Appeal Part Of Case Against US SEC (Reuters) as it seeks to stop the SEC asserting the Howey Test and securities law over, er, securities like cryptocurrencies.
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An Absence of Trust

Markets depend on trust and credibility notes the SEC head of enforcement in a must read speech. Not sure all in crypto agree but his argument is fair and rational going through the history of efforts to believe crypto was above regulation to seeking to avoid regulatory fiat…
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Crime, Punishment & A few Positives

Let’s face it this is dispiriting, there are so many crypto V1.0 types in jail or under charges that it’s difficult to see the wood for the trees in the benefits of crypto and blockchain. The problem is the dubious end of the spectrum involves numerous identities who are reluctant to ship out.
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056 Exchange Invest Weekly Podcast

Tokyo Grain Exchange a number of years ago in order to create the nation's first comprehensive futures trading service.
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