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152 Exchange Invest Weekly Podcast July 16th, 2022

Cooperation in the Middle East, Bahrain bourse and Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange (ADX) have launched Tabadul. The Tabadul Exchange hub will be providing all manner of information
10 min read

Exchange Invest 2281: NZX Fundraising Success

Xavier Rolet was always impressively in the public domain promoting the LSEG or indeed inaccurately suggesting Brexit was a disaster. However, the fact he is still the only face of the LSEG in the public domain several years after his departure is a damning indictment of LSEG’s current management...
6 min read

118 Exchange Invest Weekly Podcast October 30th, 2021

Valereum Blockchain announced an option to acquire the Gibraltar Stock Exchange. The London Stock Exchange Group is paying up for failure.
10 min read

Exchange Invest 2105: US domination

Some ask how long US stock market domination can last, I am minded to wonder how come the rest of the world has so badly failed by comparison?
6 min read