Otto Naegeli


Exchange Invest Festive Edition 2542: Career Paths

Earlier in the year we noted out Magnificent 7 and Oceans 11 respectively, reflecting the achievements and Social Media influence of leading exchange bosses: Magnificent 7 Oceans 11
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148 Exchange Invest Weekly Podcast June 18th, 2022

the Nigerian Stock Exchange they’re going to be embracing blockchain to settle trades by 2023 and indeed the smaller OTC market and NASD in Nigeria not to be confused with NASDAQ in America
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Exchange Invest 2374: June 11, 2022

For those keen to disparage the UK (and let’s face it the current government is a shambles of spendthrift nanny statist control freakery), the weekend proved the soft power of a nation which still has a fair bit of harder power too.
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Exchange Invest 722: April 05, 2016

BATS IPO is on while the SEC is highlighted in the pinko for seeking to kill overseas interest in US equity options through their clumsiness.
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Exchange Invest 639: November 24 2015

Vienna sells Hungarian exchange stake. NSE India inching towards self-listing. Otto Naegeli proposed for BvB board as cyber defence folk fret about the back office...
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Exchange Invest 432: February 04 2015

PLY: Today’s daily Exchange Invest fizzes with the sort of data which apparently the Brussels airport wifi network cannot handle – sorry for the delay, I had to reach Warsaw to get some stable access!
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