Nayib Bukele


Exchange Invest 2606: FTC Still Says No

…Then again it’s spot on when asked of Chairman Behnam who has been discredited by his frat boy cheerleading for SBF / FTX while ‘regulating’ FTX.US all the way to a $116 million client shortfall under his watch.
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Exchange Invest 2527: ICE Cap Warnings

PLY: Dig a bit deeper - go look at Bahamian US dollar government debt - what does that yield of 13.3% - after a stupendous rally through autumn - tell you? Clearly, there are issues to the Bahamas finances.
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Exchange Invest 2508: CFTC Unrepentant

FIA looked hamfisted and out of touch - well I suppose they usually look at least one of those things but anyway, embarrassing for FIA.
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