MF Global


A Remarkable Fraternal Exchange

The illustrious former head of the FIA, the one-time highest-paid lobbyist in Washington, John Damgard. Recently the dapper Damgard had been seen in his black tie outfit on the pages of New York Magazine attending a dinner for an, ahem ‘exclusive’ Wall Street fraternity dinner in St Regis.
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Exchange Invest: April 24, 2013

MF Global’s trustee suing Jon Corzine will be an interesting case…Certainly we were always advising a wary stance on MF Global once the Corzine strategy became known.
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Exchange Invest: April 5, 2013

SGX may be seeking to meet an expected increase in demand from U.S.-based traders, said Kerry Deal, head of iron ore and bulk derivatives at Jefferies Hong Kong Ltd.
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