Julia Streets


Exchange Invest Weekend Festive Edition 2541 Part I

*Rather reminiscent to the many who troughed funds from the government to bail out their lifestyles as opposed to their businesses when Covid first hit.
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Two Diverse Tech Musketeers with Julia Streets

Julia Streets, the incomparable founder and CEO of Streets Consulting Ltd. Julia was formerly Global Head of MarComms at NYSE Technologies and previously Instinet Europe.
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130 Exchange Invest Weekly Podcast February 5th, 2022

In the Middle East in the United Arab Emirates to be precise, Bahrain has signed an MoU. Bahrain Clear with the Securities Clearing Centre company Muqassa, which is of course the central counterparty division of the Tadawul Group in Saudi Arabia.
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129 Exchange Invest Weekly Podcast January 29th, 2022

Global Futures and Options Trading hit another record in 2021 went the Futures Industry Association headline. A total volume of trading reached 62.58 billion contracts
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