Jonathan Bloch


Exchange Invest 2611: Yadda Yadda

Clearly, FTX going bust was a real shock to Walt Inc as they had sponsored Expo but for those reading Exchange Invest, therein one can justify a subscription methinks.
7 min read

Exchange Invest Festive Edition 2540: Technology

Some highlights of stories by topic you may recall, may have forgotten, may want to forget (sorry!) or which help remind you about what was a frantic year in the parish of markets…
9 min read

Exchange Invest 2471: CME FCM Feint?

Fabulous news - once again the positive cycle of IPO-VID strikes as our IPO-VID 077 guest Caterina Caramaschi has been elevated to Global Head of Interest Rates And Equity Derivatives at ICE.
6 min read

Jonathan Bloch: Disrupting Exchange Data Internationally

In 1994 he founded Exchange Data International (EDI) a London based financial data provider. EDI now has over 400 clients across three continents and is based in the UK, USA, India and Morocco employing 500 people.
1 min read

144 Exchange Invest Weekly Podcast May 21st, 2022

National Stock Exchange of India’s co-location scam, the holy hoax fiasco, CBI are ‘still probing’ the larger plot (that’s the Indian fraud agency)
11 min read

143 Exchange Invest Weekly Podcast May 14th, 2022

the Colombo Stock Exchange has been closed amid unprecedented unrest throughout Sri Lanka. That was after violence erupted following the brother of the president Gotabaya Rajapaksa resigning as prime minister.
11 min read