Ivan Steriev


Exchange Invest 2514: FTX Cash Hunt

Enter the B-F family of committed socialist seeking social justice and a more even society from their gilded residences whose progeny we all know as the bloke with the dollar store Afro and apparently a $40 million mega condo.
12 min read

Meet An SEE Market Builder with Ivan Steriev

Ivan Steriev has been the CEO of the Macedonian Stock Exchange Inc. Skopje since 2005 having been a member of the team which set the sechange up in 1996 and has been working at the MSE since its foundation, first as a Floor manager and then as a Director of Trading Department until 2005.
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146 Exchange Invest Weekly Podcast June 4th, 2022

new crypto exchange was on its way this time with a Pan-African twist Thulani Mthunzi was a dissatisfied customer of other crypto exchanges who decided to build a better mousetrap in the form of Mansa Musa
11 min read