Gary Lee Gastineau


Exchange Invest Festive Edition 2542: Career Paths

Earlier in the year we noted out Magnificent 7 and Oceans 11 respectively, reflecting the achievements and Social Media influence of leading exchange bosses: Magnificent 7 Oceans 11
8 min read

169 Exchange Invest Weekly Podcast November 12th, 2022

Bursa Malaysia have inked a sustainability MoU with the London Stock Exchange Group. MSCI is launching their first suite of digital assets indexes.
13 min read

Exchange Invest 2500: Is FTX In Trouble?

Certainly, everything around the business is now up in the air and moreover, this is going to be another test of crypto kiddie PR where… our money is on the incumbent failing - at least the PR test - as they are already well behind the narrative.
11 min read