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The Last Best Hope: A History of American Realism by John Hulsman

In response to reader’s queries, we have added a book of the week column to the EI weekend edition - interesting books pertaining to exchanges and markets, investment et al. - Anybody can sign up for EI Weekend for free at ExchangeInvest.com incidentally.

This week’s book was written by Bill Vlasic and Bradley A Stertz.

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The Last Best Hope: A History of American Realism” is a brilliant exploration of American history and contemporary conservative politics that provides a practical, realist foreign policy for a new age of American politics. 

Least you don’t already read him, John Hulsman is that thing we love in geopolitical analysis - a winner, not a windbag. His record is second to none in accurately assessing outcomes and that makes The Last Best Hope a must read as the NeoCon delusion dies and the failures of Democratic foreign policy are writ large from the fringes of the US border outwards into the world. It’s time for realism - read this book. 

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