Exchange Invest 2633: Bank Tape Anyone?

Only in the EU. In a case of the ‘have their cake and eat it’ ethos of bankers, a cabal proposes a consolidated tape to the EC which surely amounts to a fundamental conflict of interest risk?
8 min read

Exchange Invest 2585: Options At Tadawul

Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong is unhappy about the staking ban but I am not sure he appreciates just how far the world has moved on - although it is interesting to see a Monday evening reception being added at FIA Boca by his charge Coinbase -
7 min read

Exchange Invest 2578: Ion Ransom Paid

Eagle eyed readers may recall Binance allegedly bought WazirX but in the end, it appears they definitely didn’t… As always, transparency aforethought from..oh never mind.
8 min read

Exchange Invest Festive Edition 2545: Regulation: FTX And All That Malarkey

Gary Gensler meanwhile did what he does best - divide opinion (execution which he also managed at CFTC appears to have escaped him as he crusaded with super-zeal to make the basis of the SEC an agency that can impact almost every angle of corporate life:
8 min read

Exchange Invest 2522: A Glimpse of Sanity?

SBF is a total charlatan and who knows if he keeps cr…ing on as is his wont, even his politically backed former friends may yet move to disown him as the message to Main Street America...
15 min read

Exchange Invest 2518: Energy Bubbles

PLY: Clearly the UK has a problem as its current useless socialist government will be voted out soon to be replaced by a really left wing administration - when suitably bankrupt, we might get a common sense outbreak of government but…
16 min read

Exchange Invest 2515: Swap Connect Delay?

Some might say Sequoia, Temasek and all those Ontario teachers who saw their pension funds shaved, can all believe La Fried practised what she preaches in terms of “distributive justice” but we could not possibly comment.
11 min read

Exchange Invest 2447: Energy Market Meltdown.

The damning news for Europe is that even JP Morgan, led by Euro poodle and perennial Davos man on the wrong side of future trends, Jamie Dimon, has begun moving staff ex-Frankfurt to London in order to avoid working by candlelight (presumably while powering Bloomberg terminals with pedal power?).
10 min read

Exchange Invest 2203: EU See CCP Sense

The EU never cedes a point without a good whinge and that’s the case today as Commissioner McGuinness after bleating senseless drivel for months...
6 min read

Exchange Invest 2174: EC Wants Faster Tape

As the EC demands a near real-time consolidated tape, one wonders if it can catch up on a decade of undelivered promises around CMU.
8 min read

Exchange Invest 641: November 26 2015

The European Commission has hinted it favours a one-year delay to the EU's new trading rulebook in its entirety, given the complex task of only postponing problem areas of the new legislation.
12 min read