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223 Exchange Invest Weekly Podcast December 9th, 2023

This week in the parish of bourses and market structure: LME Defeats Elliott, And Thus LME Reboots, As There Are Winds Of Trading Change In Hong Kong, LCH Cuts Fees, NASDAQ Wins The Nuam War, And LSEG Remind Us Why They Dropped Off The Shortlist Of This Tender
13 min read

Exchange Invest 2621: Makepeace Reforms The Band

It’s a FTSE deja vu for Mark Makepeace, albeit in a format better suited to the digital age than the stodgy LSEG. FT and SGX are partnering with a new Wilshire Index business under the direction of “Mr FTSE” - a fantastic fruition to his first year with Wilshire.
9 min read

Exchange Invest Weekend Edition 2619: From AI to Obsolescence

Chinese IDB Data Cut; FTX and their GUBU Loans; LME get hit with a minor warrant issue in Nickel; B3 are All In On Vermiculus; Happy 160 years to Stockholm; And there's a big Swiss Imbalance in the shareholder register
6 min read