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Binance Has Left The Building

Binance began the year proclaiming it would be one for headcount expansion and that any criticism was merely "4:FUD!"

As we enter the second half of the year, it seems there is a genuine crisis descending on the embattled crypto exchange - as previously predicted by Exchange Invest much much earlier in the crypto winter.

Here's a list of the countries Binance has withdrawn from since September 2017 until July 3rd 2023. Strikes us, it's difficult to spin this as corporate growth.

Countries Date
China September 2017
Malta October 2019
Malaysia July 2021
Singapore February 2022
Uzbekistan August 2022
Canada May 2023
Australia May 2023
Cyprus June 2023
Netherlands June 2023
Nigeria June 2023
United Kingdom June 2023
Belgium June 2023
Austria June 2023