Baku Stock Exchange


Exchange Invest 1533: July 23, 2019

One Wall Street analyst turns a bit sceptical on parish stocks, new CEO for Laos while many Star stocks have been hurtling out of yesterday’s orbit at Apollo 11 speeds on day two of the new Sino-tech stock market.
5 min read

Exchange Invest 1493: June 05, 2019

Much ado about regulatory protectionism and more.
4 min read

Exchange Invest 1456: April 09, 2019

Another day another crisis Brexit summit - will the EU be dumb enough to extend for the British powder keg to go off under their suzerainty or will the ongoing attempts to inform Mrs May the country and her party have abandoned her, succeed?
3 min read

Exchange Invest 1449: March 29, 2019

Busy end to a busy week as SEC delays contested rebate pilot and Nasdaq sells to Deutsche for bonds...
5 min read

Exchange Invest 1139: December 6, 2017

Astana International Exchange to be ready to run from Jan 1. DB1 to buy back another 200 million in stock, TCI profits decline, no rush to BTC futures for ICE in the wake of CBOE/CME/JPX/ROFEX et al...
3 min read