Akira Kiyota


Exchange Invest 2597: Tadawul Profits Fall

Tadawul profits fall while those who received FTX donations to their political campaigns have a binary of repay today or face liquidator litigation tomorrow…
6 min read

Exchange CEO Pay: The Ocean’s 11

Today I’m looking at what I term “The Ocean’s 11” which is a series of 11 CEOs in the market structure we found data for and thought it interesting to peruse their salaries.
3 min read

101 Exchange Invest Weekly Podcast July 3rd, 2021

Toshiba backlash of rocks Japan Exchanges, ASX in colorful Crypto Sbat and there's lots more including a big crackdown on Binance.
9 min read

Exchange Invest 2085: Toshiba Backlash Rocks JPX

A Japanese household brand name Chairman being ousted is quite an event for Japanese corporate governance
5 min read

Exchange Invest 2080 Weekend Edition: Hong Kong Exchange Turns 21

Betfair turns 21, Hong Kong Exchanges turn 21 too and pushes for greater diversity.
5 min read

Exchange Invest 2045: Weekend Edition W/ Podcast

ICE have taken their leave of Coonbase with a stunning return well beyond the pixels of Exchange Invest, PLY has been celebrating the first month of Murban...
6 min read

Exchange Invest 2044: Euronext Issues BI Bonds

PLY: Is it a pit problem or a pure play CME problem? Certainly, the issue IMHO does not strike me as being open outcry related but rather there ought to be a serious open outcry about how CME are not remotely capturing the upside in a mega bull phase for all commodities!
11 min read

Exchange Invest 2043: Open Access Finally Dies

It was never clear how the inevitable would occur (that was “the inevitable” if you were listening to PLY and a few select others for the past decade and more) but the impractical “open access” rules died in the UK yesterday. The EU will hesitate to follow suit..
10 min read

Exchange Invest 2041: Vaccine = NYSE Floor Reopening

Dark pools, Divorce, dematerialisation, derivatives, deals and much else besides, it’s a kind of D-Day in Sesame, er, the parish...
7 min read

074 Exchange Invest Weekly Podcast Dec 5th 2020

Akira Kiyota head of Japan Exchange Group, which owns the Tokyo Stock Exchange has taken over as head of TSE temporarily replacing the hosted Koichiro Miyahara.
10 min read