Exchange Invest Festive Edition 2543: Deals

PLY: Only a few months ago the world was under siege in crypto terms from some guy called SBF with a firm called FTX who were just buying all the licences they needed. Phew! Thank goodness that’s over!
6 min read

Exchange Invest 2513: Bitarnage - Contagion Tuesday

Tragic death of NZX board stalwart, still pumped at the AELP linking African exchanges even if the dollar store Afro one dominates the headlines as we reckon he is getting his mid-life crisis in early.
13 min read

Exchange Invest 2510: Fundamentally Tarnished Exchange

After all the shenanigans surrounding the strictly Hindu vegetarian Chitra Ramkrishna and her NSE cabal, I think the one positive to be discerned from the SBF/FTX farago is further proof that indeed plant based diets can deliver a lot of energy.
24 min read

Exchange Invest 2498: Euronext Confirm Italo-Centric CCP

Some excellent results including a 4th consecutive beat from 4 in the past year by ICE while admittedly Coinbase improved but still lost eye popping amounts of money.
8 min read

135 Exchange Invest Weekly Podcast March 12th, 2022

Over in India, the National Stock Exchange holy hoax colo fraud continues appears the story developed this week with Chitra Ramkrishna seeking pre-emptive bail
12 min read