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Exchange Invest 2614: B3 All In On Vermiculus

Lots happening today with the 10% Vermiculus stake sale to B3’s venture arm alongside EEX adding another modest asset to its expanding portfolio. Lots happening in China as LME get hit with a minor warrant issue in Nickel and much more...
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163 Exchange Invest Weekly Podcast October 1st, 2022

Over at the Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) earnings are -42% on the year, net profit -398.7 million Pakistani rupees (which is $1.64 million in hard currency).
12 min read

160 Exchange Invest Weekly Podcast September 10th, 2022

Ukraine’s President Zelenskiy ‘rings’ the New York Stock Exchange’s bell virtually this week. He’s seeking $400 billion in foreign investment.
9 min read

134 Exchange Invest Weekly Podcast March 5th, 2022

Today the National Stock Exchange of India commands a breathtaking market share of 93% in cash equities, 100% of cash equity futures, 94% of equity options and well by comparison only 73% still a crushing monopoly of currency derivatives apart from NSE investors
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036 Exchange Invest Weekly Podcast

There is indeed a rich irony to the fact that the first NSE to go public is Nigeria and not India's remarkable National Stock Exchange.
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