William Pazos


Exchange Invest Festive Edition 2543: Deals

PLY: Only a few months ago the world was under siege in crypto terms from some guy called SBF with a firm called FTX who were just buying all the licences they needed. Phew! Thank goodness that’s over!
6 min read

Exchange Invest 2525: Bybit Hacks Workforce

…Having reached the point where we are speculating on the plans of an emerita Professor as the most exciting development of the FTX/SBF affair, I will deploy a Caroline Pham “see it, say it” to call this one “Yawn.”
5 min read

AirCarbon's Net Zero Mission with William Pazos

William Pazos is Co-founder and MD of AirCarbon, a frictionless carbon exchange offering the lowest fees in the industry, helping the world meet Net Zero.
1 min read