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VOLQ: A New Look At Votality? with Kevin Kennedy and Scott Nations

Welcome to another IPO-VID Livestream with Patrick L Young. Our today's guests are Kevin Kennedy and Scott Nations.

Kevin Kennedy is Senior Vice President and Head of U.S. Options in Nasdaq’s Global Trading & Market Services business, responsible for leading all six of Nasdaq’s U.S. Options exchanges. Kevin is a former independent market maker who became a VP in Goldman Sachs managing the firm's Philadelphia operations where Kevin served on the Board of Governors of the PHLX prior to its acquisition.

Scott Nations is the President of Nations Indexes, Inc. the world’s leading independent developer of volatility and option enhanced indexes and investment vehicles. Scott is a bestselling author and his Nations Indexes has created a number of products, most notably in the context of this week’s IPO-VID Livestream: the methodology used in the Nasdaq-100 Volatility Index (ticker symbol VOLQ). Futures on VOLQ launched on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange on October 5, 2020. Prior to founding Nations Indexes, Scott was a member of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange and was a market maker and floor manager for a leading index options trading firm.