Exchange Invest Weekend Edition 2681: Gas Balance

Anglosphere eyes are smiling. Gas status quo. Sino Taiwan No Go? Revolut unbanked? BsAs Peso problem, Motherboard madness & more…
11 min read

197 Exchange Invest Weekly Podcast June 10th, 2023

Adam Smith 300 - No, that's not a NASCAR race!, Xavier Rolet skewers London’s market problems, Binance D Day gives way to Coinbase getting sued too and TTF is back, baby! - as Bigworld meets the parish of bourses head on!
12 min read

Exchange Invest 2592: Indo-European CCP Confusion

“In reality, bitcoin has been through four crashes now and recovered each time. That makes it different from a pure asset bubble. Tulips never recovered in price, neither did the South Sea company ever come back from its collapse.
8 min read

Exchange Invest Weekend Edition 2553: Is Crypto Always Crooked?

PLY: We are covering the entire Bitcarnage and its impact on the likely endgame for crypto V1.0 in depth daily in Exchange Invest (worth the price of the sub alone at $349 per user / year.
3 min read

Exchange Invest Festive Edition 2546: Public Markets / Privates Markets

The move comes after the NYSE minted six NFTs last year commemorating the debut of hot tech stocks on the exchange.
14 min read

Exchange Invest 2538: NSE Seeks Longer Trading Hours

Crypto cum DLT confidence is seeping away, thanks to FTX’s collapse, worries about Binance and the failure of ASX to install Digital Asset software to upgrade CHESS.
10 min read

Exchange Invest 2537: TTF To USA?

Well when it comes to the dollar store Afro one, he remains Inmate 14372 after what seems to have been another twist driven by incompetence in his once starry career.
6 min read

Exchange Invest 2536: Milan Gas Crunch

“Mad” means “Mad” but I suspect the second “Mad” may spell “Mutually Assured Destruction” in the crypto context. The crypto world is turning so toxic so fast as V1.0 draws towards a giddy close that I suspect ....
19 min read

Exchange Invest 2521: ECB Says BTC Alamo?

efore SBF spoke at the conference we ought to surely rename NYT Dealcrook the ‘tin hatters’ were back out in force - you know the types, folk who make the Ye Presidential bid look hyper credible.
20 min read

Exchange Invest 2518: Energy Bubbles

PLY: Clearly the UK has a problem as its current useless socialist government will be voted out soon to be replaced by a really left wing administration - when suitably bankrupt, we might get a common sense outbreak of government but…
16 min read

162 Exchange Invest Weekly Podcast September 24th, 2022

NYSHEX (New York Shipping Exchange) has closed a $25 million Series B round to improve the reliability and efficiency of global shipping. Very exciting.
14 min read

161 Exchange Invest Weekly Podcast September 17th, 2022

the development of Beeks financial-oriented cloud and the New York Stock Exchange has added pay equity opportunity tracking tools in an ESG push in association with Syndio partners.
10 min read