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Exchange Invest 2592: Indo-European CCP Confusion

“In reality, bitcoin has been through four crashes now and recovered each time. That makes it different from a pure asset bubble. Tulips never recovered in price, neither did the South Sea company ever come back from its collapse.
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147 Exchange Invest Weekly Podcast June 11th, 2022

the Vietnam Stock Exchange however, they’d have good news that their after tax profits rose to $57.91 million.
9 min read

127 Exchange Invest Weekly Podcast January 14th, 2022

Kazakhstan had a bit of a kerfuffle this week, revolutionaries in the streets, all seem to be somewhat on hold by the middle of the week. However, nevertheless, that didn't stop there being a several-day hiatus in the exchange business.
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119 Exchange Invest Weekly Podcast November 6th, 2021

CME results continue to disappoint as HongKong Exchanges have a record nine months spell and mudstone welter of results while SETL makes their DLT tech open source. ICE on the other hand was awesome revisited.
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Exchange Invest 1608: CME Battles Bandwidth Bots in Eurodollars

Results from Bursa Malaysia and JPX while CME has unprecedented need to ‘throttle’ Eurodollar futures...
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