Exchange Invest 2539: SBF’s Home!

SBF has migrated in the opposite direction to the lovely summer birds and ended Wednesday under SDNY jurisdiction and probably a long stay in a US fleapit remand prison - worse than the relatively cushy reality of his Bahamas detention it will likely transpire.
14 min read

Exchange Invest 2495: Kuwait Profits Soar

Boursa Kuwait profits soar 41.5% as both Bursa Malaysia and Tadawul have less exciting results.
4 min read

Exchange Invest 2251: LSE Going Private

Over in the USA, it’s ‘all the way with MLK’ today, as opposed to ‘all the way home with Novak Djokovic’ where the Australian government try to save themselves from an electoral hiding with a policy which in the rest of the world advertises a degree of hostility towards visitors which long-term...
6 min read