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194 Exchange Invest Weekly Podcast May 20th, 2023

Shock New Chinese Regulator, As we celebrate a wonderful Hong Kong Double, While LSEG can’t sell you the tech for an exchange, they can open another Centre of Excellence for, er, Technology.
15 min read

Exchange Invest Weekend Edition 2523: Taki Special Edition

26 days since we started our #Bitcarnage story noting “FTX may be holed below the waterline.” - a remarkable tale of hype, hubris and indeed reality biting the #cryptoverse…
6 min read

172 Exchange Invest Weekly Podcast December 3rd, 2022

Congratulations to FESE and European issuers (Federation of European Securities Exchange) just celebrated its 10th award for SMEs Small and Mid-Cap companies.
11 min read

Exchange Invest 2515: Swap Connect Delay?

Some might say Sequoia, Temasek and all those Ontario teachers who saw their pension funds shaved, can all believe La Fried practised what she preaches in terms of “distributive justice” but we could not possibly comment.
11 min read

Exchange Invest 2393: July 04, 2022

In Bigworld: Gustavo Petro was recently elected Colombian President - the first leftist government in the nation’s history. The Colombian Peso has been off 5% in recent times as concerns rose about the likely policies of the new government.
8 min read