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Exchange Invest Weekend Edition 2619: From AI to Obsolescence

Chinese IDB Data Cut; FTX and their GUBU Loans; LME get hit with a minor warrant issue in Nickel; B3 are All In On Vermiculus; Happy 160 years to Stockholm; And there's a big Swiss Imbalance in the shareholder register
6 min read

139 Exchange Invest Weekly Podcast April 9th, 2022

the European Union widened access for US exchanges and clearing houses to investors in the block, as Reuters noticed, adding in the Reuters article
12 min read

112 Exchange Invest Weekly Podcast September 18th, 2021

Banks win Libor case, SIX ADX has been approved, IBKR goes towards crypto with Paxos, and the New York Stock Exchange half greenlit a new green segment.
10 min read