Simon O’Brien


Exchange Invest Weekend Edition 2613: Leaks From Labs to Pipelines

Crypto security issuers should file registration statements and make the required disclosures. These are the same rules that everyone else in the securities markets has played by for decades.
6 min read

Exchange Invest 2611: Yadda Yadda

Clearly, FTX going bust was a real shock to Walt Inc as they had sponsored Expo but for those reading Exchange Invest, therein one can justify a subscription methinks.
7 min read

174 Exchange Invest Weekly Podcast December 17th, 2022

the European Union/ European Commission, as well as an exchange whose monopoly has long since atrophied, ASX and indeed their former best days (so long as they were passing through tens of millions from the ASX HQ) DAH (albeit anonymously).
11 min read