Exchange Invest Festive Edition 2546: Public Markets / Privates Markets

The move comes after the NYSE minted six NFTs last year commemorating the debut of hot tech stocks on the exchange.
14 min read

Exchange Invest 2530: Coin Unfriends Tether

SBF appears to be maintaining his hail Mary pass where his sheer winning magnetism dazzles everybody watching that he isn’t an incompetent crook, La Ellison may be about to extract sufficiently brutal revenge on her ex-paramour cum business partner...
15 min read

Exchange Invest 2522: A Glimpse of Sanity?

SBF is a total charlatan and who knows if he keeps cr…ing on as is his wont, even his politically backed former friends may yet move to disown him as the message to Main Street America...
15 min read

Exchange Invest 2509: CHESS Check Mate?

Finally, we get a headline which is not Bitcarnage related, although it is carnage down under as ASX finally blinks in the face of a project which has been such a disaster even many FTX fanboys might have spotted the train wreck.
10 min read