Philip McBride Johnson


Exchange Invest: Our Year In Review Part 3

This is part 3 of a review of the year from Exchange Invest, covering stories only available at the time to our loyal subscribers.
6 min read

109 Exchange Invest Weekly Podcast August 28th, 2021

Encouraging results from Moscow Exchanges group, ZAR X closed down in South Africa, ASX tech exposed and all manner of shenanigans as the CME deny that they're looking to take over CBOE.
8 min read

Exchange Invest 1100: October 12, 2017

Despite being rarely seen outside the city Terry Duffy drops the ‘don’t take us for granted as staying” bombshell on Chicago. Interesting times.
3 min read

Exchange Invest 1096: October 6, 2017

Short and sweet today, with the news led by Simon Raybould picked to run the CME’s new Sydney office and “zero-knowledge proof” potentially offering a mega possibility of privacy in transactional blockchain.
4 min read