Peter Reitz


188 Exchange Invest Weekly Podcast April 8th, 2023

Alasdair Haynes of Aquis is going from strength to strength despite London’s soggy equity market. The BMLL lake has become a global data ocean.
9 min read

Exchange Invest Festive Edition 2546: Public Markets / Privates Markets

The move comes after the NYSE minted six NFTs last year commemorating the debut of hot tech stocks on the exchange.
14 min read

Exchange Invest Weekend Edition 2505: It’s Bitcarnage!

“This is no longer just an FTX collapse, it’s going to create ongoing ripples of panic and contagion.”
5 min read

Building Sustainable Commodity Markets Worldwide with Peter Reitz

Having graduated in mathematics, Peter started his career as a product manager with Deutsche Boerse AG in Frankfurt in 1991 and worked at Dow Jones Indexes in New York from 2000 to 2001 before joining EUREX where he was a member of the Management Board until December 2018.
1 min read

161 Exchange Invest Weekly Podcast September 17th, 2022

the development of Beeks financial-oriented cloud and the New York Stock Exchange has added pay equity opportunity tracking tools in an ESG push in association with Syndio partners.
10 min read

Exchange Invest 2453: EU Cutting Energy Margins

While sound folks like Peter Reitz are having to show a simple demand / supply curve to try to explain why markets are fine, it’s the supply which is failing, the brilliant Huw Jones of Reuters scoops yet again with news EU authorities...
10 min read

154 Exchange Invest Weekly Podcast July 30th, 2022

European Federation of Securities Exchanges they’ve produced their essential reading on the 2021 year for European stock trading the European exchange report.
12 min read

Exchange Invest 1694: First Virtual IPO Ceremony Dodges COVID19

Issue 1694 of Exchange Invest coincides with the year...actually I wanted to say yesterday but the birth of the Amish took precedence
4 min read

Exchange Invest 1618: Nasdaq Divest NFX to EEX

Some see a sale of assets that could not quite reach the duopoly. Reposition your vision on the vast forest and ignore the trees: it’s all about big data.
5 min read