Open Access


Exchange Invest 2043: Open Access Finally Dies

It was never clear how the inevitable would occur (that was “the inevitable” if you were listening to PLY and a few select others for the past decade and more) but the impractical “open access” rules died in the UK yesterday. The EU will hesitate to follow suit..
10 min read

CCP WFE OMX the F Word?

When there is so much reliance on one or two CCPs and something goes wrong, no recovery plan will able to solve the problem.
5 min read

After NLX The Ramifications

Perhaps the greatest ramification of NLX is that this rather lavishly funded endeavour to create European interest rate competition has spectacularly failed and, thanks to its emphasis on a high media profile, done so in a blaze of publicity.
2 min read

Nope-n Access - The Incumbents Strike Back

One simple sentence and “commercial concerns” can be discerned two ways hence moving the debate on from the vertical bleat of cash markets who missed the world turning derivative and also passes straight through the rights of incumbent verticals to continue as they are...
1 min read