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Exchange Invest 2558: FCA Says No To LME?

…Perhaps the only interesting point is that SBF not only feels wronged by CZ and John J Ray III but also Sullivan & Cromwell - which leaves him and 4 Senators (EI 2557) on the same side regarding the latter law firm albeit from different perspectives.
11 min read

Exchange Invest Festive Edition 2545: Regulation: FTX And All That Malarkey

Gary Gensler meanwhile did what he does best - divide opinion (execution which he also managed at CFTC appears to have escaped him as he crusaded with super-zeal to make the basis of the SEC an agency that can impact almost every angle of corporate life:
8 min read

Exchange Invest 2532: Bad Day for Inmate 14372

Arresting SBF on the eve of his testimony to Maxine Waters’ Committee was either a work of genius (ridding SBF of a major stage) or dumb (ridding SBF of a chance to incriminate himself under oath) or a total conspiracy to cover up his crimes...
14 min read

163 Exchange Invest Weekly Podcast October 1st, 2022

Over at the Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) earnings are -42% on the year, net profit -398.7 million Pakistani rupees (which is $1.64 million in hard currency).
12 min read