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Exchange Invest Weekend Edition 2619: From AI to Obsolescence

Chinese IDB Data Cut; FTX and their GUBU Loans; LME get hit with a minor warrant issue in Nickel; B3 are All In On Vermiculus; Happy 160 years to Stockholm; And there's a big Swiss Imbalance in the shareholder register
6 min read

Exchange Invest 2615: Happy 160 Stockholm

Nowhere is this clearly than in this gem of drivel from the Brussels Bugle: Humbled 'Crypto Bros' Don Blazers For Boca Raton (FT) which almost but not quite, completely fails to encapsulate last week’s Boca FIA meeting.
8 min read

Exchange Invest Weekly Podcast 034

Malta Stock Exchange, which made a huge trumpeting of a FinTech accelerator program, which I think seems to be still born, which was billed as a partnership with Binance.
21 min read