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093 Exchange Invest Weekly Podcast May 8th, 2021

ICE has taken their leave of Coinbase with a stunning return well beyond the pixels of Exchange Invest, PLY has been celebrating the first month of Murban in The National while the EU Open Access proposal is dying as Brexit Britain takes the initiative, meanwhile, CME closes all but one pit.
14 min read

Exchange Invest 2041: Vaccine = NYSE Floor Reopening

Dark pools, Divorce, dematerialisation, derivatives, deals and much else besides, it’s a kind of D-Day in Sesame, er, the parish...
7 min read

Rise of Africa Brief - Part 2

I mean the exchange needs to have 116 million US in capital – why? There is an insane predilection for overly high capital requirements the world over which is stifling exchange development.
9 min read