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Exchange Invest 2610: Chinese IDB Data Cut

Meanwhile clearly unwinding FTX is #ItsComplicated would be a massive understatement where the realpolitik is developing that the exchange assets could prove to be unwelcome even in the bargain bins at the local thrift store.
9 min read

Exchange Invest 2608: S-Bank Hell

Moscow profits jump as the market battles to escape the ravages of Putin’s Ukrainian invasion while over in crypto, it’s another day of Bitcarnage leading to a stressful weekend for many.
11 min read

Exchange Invest 2600: Refinitiv Deal Working?

The question today is not so much how aligned Coinbase may be but rather is there going to be an attempt to take down Binance given it continues to attract the ‘FUD-4!’ folk amongst even the US political establishment?
13 min read

Exchange Invest 2590: Coinbase Concerns

No, AirBnB didn’t make it to profit thanks to “clearing fees” they achieved a move into the black thanks to “CLEANING fees”...
7 min read

Exchange Invest 2518: Energy Bubbles

PLY: Clearly the UK has a problem as its current useless socialist government will be voted out soon to be replaced by a really left wing administration - when suitably bankrupt, we might get a common sense outbreak of government but…
16 min read

Exchange Invest 1986: Indian InterOp Fails 1st Test

IHS Markit in the prelim stage for a class action suit on valuation over its (certainly not aggressive) sale valuation to S&P Global?
11 min read