Mohamed Farid


156 Exchange Invest Weekly Podcast August 13th, 2022

London Stock Exchange boss out of his depth Dave Schwimmer and I agree on something we should teach about the City of London at school, teaching people about the financial world
12 min read

Exchange Invest 2075: HKEX Mandates Diversity

In an attempt to throw off accusations of a sexist SAR, Hong Kong’s boardrooms will have to include at least one woman by 2025 or listed companies will face penalties.
10 min read

Exchange Invest 2047: Regulators Nervy About Libor

Ashley Alder Zoooming a spot of indignation with a shot across the ISDA bows about the Archegos shenanigans where it looks as if multiple broker dealers got hypothecated into losses thanks to a spot of excess leverage delivery to the somewhat cavalier concept of “management” at that fund.
7 min read