Maxine Waters


Exchange Invest 2532: Bad Day for Inmate 14372

Arresting SBF on the eve of his testimony to Maxine Waters’ Committee was either a work of genius (ridding SBF of a major stage) or dumb (ridding SBF of a chance to incriminate himself under oath) or a total conspiracy to cover up his crimes...
14 min read

Exchange Invest 2524: ASX SBF Struggle With Sorry

SBF: “To the extent that there’s a tactical piece of it, I think it’s basically that things have gotten to the point where, frankly, there were a lot of conspiracy theories floating around that had no validity and to be clear, at its core, I f***ed up.
13 min read

080 Exchange Invest Weekly Podcast February 6th, 2021

Japanese stock exchange! Financial Titans, SBI holdings, Sumitomo Mitsui financial group are looking to launch a digital stock exchange with a blockchain backbone.
12 min read